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Maundy Thursday, the Long Reading.

Maundy Thursday, Mass before the Exposed Sacrament.

Maundy Thursday, Communion.

Good Friday, the Long Reading.

Good Friday, the Lessons.

Holy Saturday, the Triple Flame.

Holy Saturday: "Christ is our Light; may His light shine in our hearts!"

Holy Saturday: the Gospel reading.

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil: "Christ yesterday and today; the beginning and the end; Alpha and Omega; His are the seasons, His
the ages; to Him be glory and dominion throughout the ages of ages."

Holy Saturday: Lighting the Paschal Candle.

Blessing of Holy Water for Baptisms.

Easter Vigil: Preparation for Baptism.

"I Baptize thee...."

The newly Baptized receive their Baptismal Candles.

At the Easter Vigil we had three Baptisms and one Admission to the Congregation.

Easter Sunday: the Epistle.

Easter Sunday: the Gospel.

The Easter Sermon: "Lama Sabachthani; Not a Lament but a Command!"

Easter: First Holy Communion!

The Paschal Candle will be kept burning throughout Easter until the Ascension of Our Lord, at which time the Easter Flame will be

maintained throughout the year to light the Candles on the Altar.